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About Equine Insights

What is Equine Guided Coaching?

Slow down, quiet your mind, come into the present moment and into your body, listen to your inner wisdom, let yourself be touched and guided by a horse. That's what's at the heart of Equine Insights coaching.  Whether in an individual session or in a group workshop, you are invited to experience the horses and to open up to the learning and wisdom they share. Equine Insights programs are for all people, not just for horse people! Our programs don't involve any horseback riding and absolutely no horse experience is necessary.

Why horses?

Horses are extraordinary beings with great capacity to teach us about ourselves and our world. Unlike humans, they are herd animals and prey animals, and therefore have had to develop extraordinary sensitivity to their environments and to other living beings in order to survive. Their level of sensitivity means that they gently point us to patterns of thought and emotion in ourselves that we may not be aware of.  They are also completely free of judgement and are willing to hold a safe space for us to access and fully experience whatever emotion and insight we most need at any given moment.  You truly have to experience horses in this unique way to believe the extent to which they can inspire, heal and transform the humans they interact with.

About Sumaya

I founded Equine Insights to bring together my  passion for education and my love of horses.  After earning a Ph.D. in education, founding an innovative school and teaching philosophy and political science to undergraduates, I finally found a way to weave together my life-long connection to horses with my love of learning and teaching.  I love working with my equine partners to facilitate learning experiences for my clients. I thrive on creating an environment where the wisdom of the horse points the way for humans to thrive. 


What past clients have shared...

Working with Sumaya and the horses was an incredible experience. Meeting and connecting with the horses was magical; somehow I felt such a deep and immediate connection. I walked away with a truly powerful personal message that has helped me capitalize on so many opportunities in my life. 

Sumaya’s approach to equine facilitated learning was gentle, well-informed and created a lovely trajectory for guided healing. The majestic nature of the horse creates a perfect vehicle for Sumaya to reach into one’s thoughts and draw attention to the here and now of what is happening in the heart and energy of the human body. Sumaya is a delight and I am filled with gratitude. 

My equine facilitated learning session with Sumaya was a luminous experience. A sacred experience..In a sacred space...with beauty all around, and beauty and love emanating from the horses. Why all the tears then? As the horse had already shown me with her gestures, I was releasing... clearing out...I didn't have to know what. Just that it was happening on a profound level. I am so grateful to Sumaya for her skill, her guidance, her compassion, and her love for her horses.