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About Equine Insights

What is the Equine Insights experience?

Slow down, quiet your mind, listen to your inner wisdom, let yourself be touched and guided by a horse. That's what's at the heart of the Equine Insights experience. Choose a shorter "time-out" to reconnect with yourself and remember how to listen to your own wisdom or choose more in-depth coaching to reveal the patterns that are holding you back in achieving the life you dream of. Either way, equine insights programs allow you to experience the magic of horses and to discover what you need to thrive.  Equine Insights programs are for all people, not just for horse people! Our  programs don't involve any horseback riding and absolutely no horse experience is necessary.

Why horses?

Horses are extraordinary beings with great capacity to teach us about ourselves and our world. Their highly sensitive nature offers us a mirror to our inner landscape that is eye-opening and life-changing. Interacting with them can offer us insights into how to live our most vibrant lives and be our most vibrant selves. You truly have to experience the magic of horses in this unique way to believe the extent to which they can heal, inspire and guide. 

About Sumaya

I founded Equine Insights to bring together my  passion for education and my love of horses.  After earning a Ph.D. in education, founding an innovative school and teaching philosophy to undergraduates, I finally found a way to weave together my life-long connection to horses with my love of learning and teaching.  I love working with my equine partners to facilitate life-altering experiences for my clients. I thrive on creating an environment where the wisdom of the horse points the way for humans to thrive. 

What past clients have shared...

 Sumaya’s approach  equine facilitated learning was gentle, well-informed and a created a lovely trajectory for guided healing. The majestic nature of the horse creates a perfect vehicle for Sumaya to reach into one’s thoughts and draw attention to the here and now of what is happening in the heart and energy of the human body. Sumaya is a delight and I am filled with gratitude. A. from Colorado

On a recent trip to Crested Butte, I had a profound and moving equine facilitated session with Sumaya. The session gave me a better understanding of horses and how intuitive they are, and of myself. I learned that it’s not always healthy to "put up a good front". I experienced an interaction with one of the horses that moved me to tears. I had had a very difficult life experience a few months earlier and had never really cried. The horse’s movements toward me somehow let me know it was OK to be sad, let it out, and have a good cry. It was so cathartic and healing!  S. from New York

My equine facilitated learning session with Sumaya was a luminous experience. A sacred experience..In a sacred space...with beauty all around, and beauty and love emanating from the horses. Why all the tears then? As the horse had already shown me with her gestures, I was releasing... clearing out...I didn't have to know WHAT. Just that it was happening on a profound level. I am so grateful to Sumaya for her skill, her guidance, her compassion, and her love for her horses. V. from Colorado