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Why do horses make such great coaches?
Horses are exquisitely sensitive to our inner landscape. They sense when we’re stuck in our thoughts and they sense when we’re fully in the moment. They sense the slightest shifts in our state of being. They offer a mirror to our inner world and point us to the ways that we’re creating our experience of life moment to moment. And they do all that without the slightest bit of judgment, opening the door to new understanding about ourselves that can be utterly life-changing.

Will my session be one-on-one or in a group?
While we do occasionally offer group programs, most of our equine coaching is one-on-one with Sumaya and the herd.

What will I be doing during my equine coaching session?
Every equine session unfolds at its own pace, with its own trajectory. You might be invited to experience different ways of being with the horses: across a fence, in a pen with one or more horses, grooming, moving together or being with the whole herd at liberty. You might also just be still, either standing or in a chair near the horses and be guided in a body scan or a meditation. Whatever you’re experiencing while you're around the horses, and whatever they're communicating with their movements and body language, is beautiful fodder for reflection, conversation and transformation.

Is there any riding involved?
No! We never get on horses during our equine sessions. Everything happens on the ground with no saddles, bridles or even halters/ropes involved.

Do I need horse experience?
No! No horse experience is needed. Just curiosity and willingness to experience something new.

What if I'm scared of horses?
It's totally okay to start out scared of horses. We can move at a very comfortable pace and even do a whole session across the fence so that there's no need to worry and your fear of horses doesn't need to be an obstacle to benefiting from the work.

Do you offer regular life coaching in addition to equine coaching?
While I no longer offer traditional coaching, my partner and husband Jason Berv offers transformational coaching and we often partner to offer our clients multi-day retreats that include equine coaching.

You can learn more about Jason and his work at  Blue Dot Coaching. 



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